People can only live once, do not live too tired! If we can hold a common heart, sit and watch the clouds rise and fall, the flowers bloom and fade, and any vicissitudes of life, we can get a good mood with long clouds and water. To do ordinary things, to be ordinary people, to maintain a healthy state of mind, to maintain a balanced mind, if we can treat every day with this best mood, every day will be full of sunshine and hope. Time, is a river, quietly passing; memory, is a rain, wet mood. Lonely sky, there is always a cloud, block the sun; emotional world, there are always some troubles, around. Time is too thin, fingers are too wide, memories are shallow, thoughts are deep. Time ferry, we are passers-by, some scenery, do not care; some oath, do not need to be serious. Keep your day silently, smile and walk with your heart, you will always get your sunshine and warmth. If you are in a favorable situation, don't make it public. Bloom with azaleas all over the mountain. If you are in adversity, don't give up. Wave to the world in the next spring just like the White Magnolia. The occurrence of an event can't measure the calmness of a heart, while the calmness of a heart can affect the solution of an event. A person's depth can't measure a heart's calm, but a heart's calm can show a person's depth. The road of life, difficult and easy have to go; the world's feelings, cold and warm will always have. Don't be tired, because no one shares for you; don't be bitter, because no one tastes for you; don't be weak, because no one is strong for you. Don't go too far, forget the original road; don't look too clear, you will be divorced from reality; don't think too much, you will lose yourself. All things are born in the heart, and when there is something in the heart, there is something; when there is nothing in the heart, it is quiet. The wise do not linger in the past; the open-minded do not worry about the future; the wise know how to grasp the present. Life, where everything goes well, life, where everything goes well, many people, are not recognized by us; many things, are not up to us. Don't take the villain seriously, because it's not worth it; don't take the society seriously, because it can't afford it; don't take the oneself seriously, because it's not happy; don't take the relatives seriously, because it hurts the harmony; don't take the past seriously, because it's worthless; don't take the reality seriously, because it needs to continue. Because of goodness, it is tolerant; because of responsibility, it is assumed; because of some reason, it is willing to compromise; because it is despised, it is happy; because it is despised, it is happy.